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Animal Feed Grinder Machine

By: MILL 2023-07-27

The animal feed grinder machine is suitable for the fields of pharmaceutical industry, chemical plant, food, permanent magnetic materials, powder equipment, etc. The feed grinder machine is a new generation of pulverizing machinery integrating crushing, dust removal and continuous feeding. The particle size reaches 80-320 mesh, and this equipment can be used when the crushing particle size requirement is high.

Animal Feed Grinder Machine

During the production process of the animal feed pulverizer, it is necessary to check the temperature of the rolling bearing frequently. When the temperature exceeds 50°C, it should be checked on standby to find out the cause and common fault inspection.

Animal Feed Grinder Machine Detail:
Animal Feed Grinder Machine

If you want to send inquriy about our animal feed grinding machine, could you please tell me?
1. What material you want to grind, is it dry? what is the size of feed material
2. What capacity you expect ? (kg/h)?
3. What mesh or mm or micron(size) of the powder you want?
4 . What voltage you want? For example, 380V 50hz 3p; 440V 60Hz,3p; 220V…(We only provide 3P, because our powder grinding machine are all for industrial use, not for family.)
5. Usually we use stainless steel 304, if you want stainless steel 316, it’s OK and please tell us.

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