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Chili Powder Making Machine

By: MILL 2024-06-21

Chili powder making machine is a device specially used to grind chili into powder, which is widely used in food processing and seasoning manufacturing industries. The chili powder grinding machine is usually composed of feed hopper, rotor, toothed disc, sieve, housing, base and motor, and is designed to crush chili efficiently and evenly.

Chili Powder Making Machine

During operation, the motor drives the main shaft and the turbine to rotate at high speed, and the turbine and the grinding block on the screen ring form a crushing and grinding pair to achieve rapid crushing of the chili. The chili enters the machine cavity through the feed hopper, and under the action of the rotating airflow, it rubs and impacts strongly with the turbine blades, and is further ground in the gap between the blades and the grinding block.

In addition, the large amount of air inhaled by the turbine not only helps to cool the machine, but also helps to grind the chili and convey the chili pieces. The fineness of the chili crushing can be adjusted by replacing the screens of different sizes to meet different production needs.

Chili Powder Making Machine

In order to ensure the long-term and stable operation of the chili powder grinding machine, the bearing part is usually equipped with a special seal to effectively prevent the chili pieces from entering the bearing cavity and extend the service life of the bearing. The O-shaped rubber seal in the powder making machine door ensures the cleanliness of the operating environment and prevents dust leakage.

When installing the chili powder milling machine, you need to ensure that it is firmly mounted on the frame, the feed hopper and the lower hopper are correctly installed, and all screws are tightened. The motor wheel and the machine wheel should be in the same plane, and the tightness of the V-belt should be moderate.

Chili Powder Making Machine

In addition, before operating the chili grinding machine, check whether there is oil in the lubrication area, and remove metal, sand, stone and other debris in the material to prevent damage to the machine parts. The operator must not reach into the feed port or open the cover when the chili milling machine is running. Before stopping, let the chili grinder idle for a few minutes to remove the remaining material.

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