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Coffee Powder Blending Machine

By: MILL 2024-06-15

Coffee Powder Blending Machine

Coffee powder blending machine is an efficient industrial mixing equipment, suitable for mixing powder or granular materials in chemical, pharmaceutical, food, feed and other industries. The powder blending machine usually consists of a U-shaped container and a set of ribbon mixing blades, which rotate under the drive of a transmission component. The design of the ribbon stirring blade enables efficient convection mixing of the material inside the container, thus ensuring even mixing. The outer ribbon moves the material from both sides to the center, while the inner ribbon moves the material from the center to both sides. This two-way movement helps to mix the material quickly and evenly.

Coffee Powder Blending Machine

Ribbon mixing machine can be fully open, semi-open or fully closed shell cover design flexible, to adapt to different operating needs and cleaning convenience. Discharge methods are also diverse, common pneumatic flap valve, this design can reduce material residue and mixing dead Angle, improve mixing efficiency.

Ribbon blending machine can also be customized for specific application needs, such as adding heating or cooling jackets to control material temperature, or using hydraulic couplers to protect equipment from overload. These characteristics make ribbon blending machine important in applications dealing with viscous materials or where precise control of mixing conditions is required.

Coffee Powder Blending Machine Application:

Coffee Powder Blending Machine

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