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By: MILL 2022-05-17

Dear Customers:

Affected by the epidemic, many provinces and cities across the country are engaged in an arduous battle to prevent and control the epidemic. As an enterprise with a high sense of responsibility and mission, Jiangyin Mill Powder Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as our company) takes protecting the life and health and safety of customers and employees as its primary task; and actively responds to the call of the Jiangyin Municipal Government to effectively prevent and control the epidemic work.

The relevant situation is now notified as follows:

1. Due to the severe epidemic situation, in order to implement the government’s epidemic prevention policy, all employees will work from home from May 6; and the resumption time will be implemented in accordance with government regulations.

2. Affected by multiple factors such as the delayed start of construction of the company itself, the delayed resumption of work and production of production supporting enterprises; and the implementation of logistics control in many cities, our company’s delivery period and product construction period will be delayed. We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

3. All employees of Jiangyin Mill Powder are ready to go. Once the government allows the resumption of work, we will work overtime as soon as we return to work; complete each order with high quality and quantity, and deliver the goods as soon as possible to ensure customer demand. If you have any questions, you can call your sales manager, thank you for your understanding.

The epidemic is ruthless and people are affectionate! With the efforts of governments at all levels and people across the country, I believe that we will soon be able to defeat the virus and return to normal work and life.

All employees of Jiangyin Mill Powder Technology Co., Ltd. extend sincere greetings to our customers, and believe that we will be able to overcome the epidemic!

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