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Ginger Powder Grinding Machine

By: MILL 2022-06-28
Ginger Powder Grinding Machine Description:

This ginger powder grinding machine is composed of hammer main machine, ultra micro main machine, cyclone separator, pulse dust box and so on. This ginger powder grinding machine has no screen, no net, uniform discharging particle size and other properties, the production process is continuous, can directly crush large particle loaded materials into fine powder.

Ginger Powder Grinding Machine

The powder grinding machine is a combination of hammer mill and ultrafine mill, which combines two kinds of equipment to achieve the purpose of continuous production. The powder grinding machine directly without coarse crushing. It has the features of big capacity, not changing the color, maintaining the physicochemical characteristics of the material.

Powder Grinding Machine Specification:

1.The design is compact and structure is reasonable. The powder grinding machine is equipped with an internal classification mechanism so that grinding and classification are carried out simultaneously, thus reducing energy consumption.

2. From raw materials to very fine powder, one step in place.

3. Having a great adaptability and narrow granularity distribution. The granularity of the product is even and fineness may reach 80-320 mesh.

Powder Grinding Machine Application:

Ginger Powder Grinding Machine

Powder Grinding Machine Video:

Learn more about YouTube’s ginger powder grinding machine

Technical Parameter:

Ginger Powder Grinding Machine

Model Main Structural Dimensions(mm) Capacity Input Particle Size Output Particle Size Speed Machine weight Total power
L W H1 H2 Kg/H mm mm rpm Kg KW
MR-200 580 560(900) 1500 500(550) 50-200 ≤100 0.5-20 780 220 3
MR-300 680 560(1100) 1500 500(550) 80-300 ≤100 0.5-20 780 300 4
MR-400 780 560(1200) 1500 500(550) 100-500 ≤100 0.5-20 780 420 5.5
MR-500 880 560(1200) 1500 500(550) 120-700 ≤100 0.5-20 780 580 7.5
MR-600 980 560(1300) 1500 500(550) 150-1000 ≤100 0.5-20 780 750 11
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