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How to Maintain the Superfine Pulverizer

By: MILL 2022-05-16

The superfine pulverizer is composed of three parts: the main machine, the auxiliary machine and the electric control box. The superfine pulverizing machine has strong adaptability and has a narrow particle size distribution. The product particle size is uniform, and the fineness can reach 80-320 mesh. The following editor of Mill Powder Technology will introduce to you how to maintain the superfine pulverizer:

Superfine Pulverizer

1. Regularly check the fastening of each part of the ultrafine pulverizer to prevent it from loosening and falling off and damaging the machine.

2. Each oil filling hole should be filled with oil frequently, and the bearing parts should be cleaned and filled with lithium-based grease every six months.

3. When the superfine pulverizing machine stops working, the pulverizing machine should be idled for a period of time; the remaining material in the machine should be blown out, and then the machine should be shut down.

4. When the pulverizing machine is out of use, the debris outside the machine should be removed, all rotating parts should be filled with grease, and stored in a warehouse with dry air and no corrosive gas.

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