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Jiangyin Mill Powder Technology Co., Ltd. Powder Industry Leader

By: MILL 2021-01-30

Jiangyin Mill Powder Technology Co., Ltd. Is a manufacturing-oriented enterprise. It has gradually transformed itself from a local company focusing on domestic needs to a globally-ori-ented international enterprise of international marketing. Jiangyin Mill Powder has extended its grinding and mixing technologies to the countries in Asia, Europe, America, Oceania, and advanced to the Middle East Africa, become one of their main suppliers.

Jiangyin Mill Powder Technology Co., Itd. Is mainly application in a full range of powder field, from the unit to the system, from the crushing, conveying, mixing, sieving to granulation, relates to production areas including food additives, baking ingredients, pharmaceutical intermediate, health food, chemical raw materials and other industries. With the leading technology and process, a complete pre-sales system, we are praised by domestic and foreign customers.

Our company pays attention to the cultivation of long-term customer relationships, with first-class product quality and fulfill our duties witnessed the growth of many of our customers. We firmly believe that the quality and efficiency are showed by engineering design, research and development experiments, equipment production or installation or any other small details. In each process, we will devote all our efforts to make our machines best.

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