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Tea Leaves Grinder Machine

Tea leaves grinder machine usually break tea leaves with a blade or mill that rotates at high speed. After the tea is sent into the powder grinder machine, it is subjected to the shear, impact and friction of the blade or the mill, and is gradually crushed i……

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Poultry Feed Mixer Machine

The poultry feed mixer machine uses U-shaped barrel with double-layer spiral ribbon stirring blades to jointly build an efficient and uniform mixing system. The outer spiral ribbon is like a pair of skillful hands, guiding the material from both sides of the……

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Chili Powder Making Machine

Chili powder making machine is a device specially used to grind chili into powder, which is widely used in food processing and seasoning manufacturing industries. The chili powder grinding machine is usually composed of feed hopper, rotor, toothed disc, siev……

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Coffee Powder Blending Machine

Coffee powder blending machine is an efficient industrial mixing equipment, suitable for mixing powder or granular materials in chemical, pharmaceutical, food, feed and other industries. The powder blending machine usually consists of a U-shaped containe……

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Curry Powder Grinding Machine

Curry powder grinding machine breaks the ingredients into fine particles through high-speed rotating blades or hammers. Curry powder grinding machine can not only improve the efficiency of food processing, but also ensure the homogeneity and fineness of the ……

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Wet Rice Flour Grinding Machine

Wet rice flour grinding machine is a device used to process rice into rice flour. Add rice to the hopper of the rice grinding machine, and first clean and remove impurities to ensure the quality of rice flour. The rice is ground by the blade and grinding dis……

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Spice Powder Blending Machine

The spice powder blending machine can efficiently mix spice powder raw materials evenly to ensure the quality and consistency of the final product. Spice powder mixing machine can choose different models of powder mixers, such as horizontal plough mixer, rib……

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Peanut Powder Grinding Machine

Peanut powder grinding machine is mainly used to crush various peanut raw materials into fine particles for subsequent processing and use. The main components of the peanut powder grinding machine include the body, cover, motor, cutter, etc. Peanut crushers ……

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Wheat Flour Grinding Milling Machine

Wheat flour grinding milling machine is a piece of equipment widely used in food processing and agricultural production. The wheat flour grinding machine grinds the wheat grains into powder through high-speed rotating blades or hammers. The wheat flour milli……

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Cardamom Powder Grinding Making Machine

 Cardamom powder grinding making machine is a kind of equipment specially used to grind dried cardamom into powder and is widely used in food processing and condiment manufacturing industries. Cardamom powder grinding machine have different g……

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Supplement Powder Mixer Machine

Supplement powder mixer machine is widely used in pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industries. By mixing different powder materials, powder mixer machine can achieve product homogenization, improve product quality, and reduce production costs. ……

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Cocoa Powder Grinding Making Machine

The cocoa powder grinding making machine uses an automatic ultra-fine grinder machine, which can grind the raw materials into the required powder size. Cocoa powder grinding machine is widely used in the food processing industry and can refine the raw materi……

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