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Mungbean Powder Superfine Grinding Machine

By: MILL 2023-06-27

The mungbean powder superfine grinding machine is composed of a motor shaft, a cylindrical sieve, a crushing cutter, an ultrafine powder collector, a transmission device and other components. The superfine grinding machine is based on the high-speed operation of the crushing disc. Under the effect of centripetal force, the raw materials are crushed by the collision of the drill bit installed on the crushing disc, and then rotated to the surrounding gears at a rapid speed. The gap between the drill bit and the gear The cyclone alternates instantaneously due to the transition and conduction of the journal.

Mungbean Powder Superfine Grinding Machine

Points to note for superfine grinder machine:

1. Check whether there is any dirt in the cavity of the superfine grinder, and connect the switching power supply. Tighten the top cover and the disc screw caps of the crushing chamber.
2. Run the motor, the turbo fan rotates for 1-2 minutes, and then gradually feed the raw materials from the feeding tray, and the feeding should not be too fast and too much.

Mungbean Powder Superfine Grinding Machine
3. If the raw material is stuck and the motor does not turn, please turn it off immediately to prevent the motor from being damaged. After removing the stuck raw material, it can be used continuously.
4. The superfine grinder adopts an overload protector. If the motor load is too large, it will automatically shut down. If you continue to operate, please press the protector again.

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