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Pharmaceutical Milling Equipment

By: MILL 2023-08-29

Pharmaceutical milling equipment is suitable for small Chinese medicine factories, as well as food and chemical industries. The pharmaceutical milling machine has high working efficiency and simple operation, and the product fineness can reach 200 mesh.

Advantages of pharmaceutical milling equipment:

1. High safety performance, reliable and stable operation, can well guarantee the sealing of crushing and grinding during the crushing process, and ensure the safety of users and machines.

Pharmaceutical Milling Equipment

2. The moisture requirements for grinding raw materials are relatively low. Even if the water content reaches about 8%, it can still be ground without affecting the grinding efficiency and quality.

3. The noise pollution is relatively small, the operation is relatively stable, the crushing efficiency is high, and it has the characteristics of high efficiency and energy saving, which can help customers reduce energy consumption while grinding and crushing.

4. The pharmaceutical milling machine has good sealing performance, and can effectively reduce dust pollution during the grinding process, which is green, safe and environmentally friendly.

Pharmaceutical Milling Equipment

5. The grinding particle size is adjustable, and the user can choose the size of the grinding particles independently.

6. The supporting bearings and other hardware of the pharmaceutical milling machine have a long service life, and the pulverization speed is adjustable, which can realize basic functions such as high output, high speed, high impact force, and low energy consumption.

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