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Seed / Grain Powder Grinding Machine

By: MILL 2023-07-04

The seed / grain powder grinding machine has the characteristics of exquisite appearance, light weight, free movement, simple operation, no vibration, low noise, and strong safety. The powder grinder machine is equipped with a centrifugal fan, which can continuously discharge the heat generated in the machine during the crushing work; so it is suitable for the crushing of heat-sensitive raw materials.

Without closing the powder grinding machine, adjust the speed ratio of the classifier or adjust the exhaust air volume to obtain the powder with the required particle size distribution.

Grain Powder Grinding Machine

The powder grinding machine is equipped with a cyclone dust collector and dust removal equipment, and the dust is flying during the production process; the dust collection bag can reasonably intercept the silicon micropowder in the cyclone, so that the industrial waste gas meets the environmental protection regulations for cleaning.

Our powder grinder have established solid cooperative relations in Southeast Asian countries, and have also extended the application of pulverization and mixing technology to Europe, America, Australia and other countries.

Grinding Material:

Grain Powder Grinding Machine

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