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Shikakai Powder Grinding Machine

By: MILL 2024-02-29

Shikakai Powder Grinding Machine

Shikakai powder grinding machine is a piece of equipment specially used to crush shikakai powder. This kind of powder grinding machine is suitable for small medicine factories, etc. The shikakai powder milling machine has the characteristics of high working efficiency, simple operation, and product fineness up to 320 mesh.

Shikakai Powder Grinding Machine

The main components of the powder grinding machine include the base, spindle, casing, movable plate, fixed plate, screen, hopper, dust device, cyclone separator, bag dust box, etc. The working principle is that the high-speed operation of the vertical motor drives the horizontally installed crushing blades to impact and shear the materials. The fineness of the crushed material can be adjusted by replacing different types of screens.

Shikakai Powder Grinding Machine

When using powder grinding machine, you need to pay attention to the following points:

First, check whether there is any foreign matter in the crushing chamber and make sure it is empty before starting the machine.

Secondly, tighten the wing nut of the upper cover and crushing chamber to ensure good sealing of the powder grinding machine.

Then, start the motor and run the machine empty for 1-2 minutes to observe whether the powder grinding machine is operating normally.

Next, slowly feed the material from the feeding tray. Feeding should not be too fast or too much to avoid overloading the equipment. If the material is stuck and the motor does not rotate, the power should be turned off immediately. You can continue to use it after the stuck material is removed.

Finally, during use of the powder milling machine, it is strictly prohibited to open the upper cover and extend your hands into the crushing chamber to avoid danger.

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