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Spices Powder Making Machine

By: MILL 2022-04-18
Spices Powder Making Machine Description:

Spices powder making machine s composed of a hammer host, an ultramicro host, a cyclone separator, and an impulse dust box. The spices making machine has such performances as winnowing, screen or mesh free, uniform size and continuous operation, and has reached the international advanced level.

Spices Powder Making Machine


Spices Powder Making Machine Working Principle::

The spices material is fed into the crushing chamber by a screw conveyor, cut and crushed by high speed rotating blade and conveyed to the cyclone separator by means of negative pressure air conveyance before being discharged by bag type collector, and the dust is filtered and recovered by dust collector through filter barrel Having no dust flying during production, spices making machine can improve utilization rate of the material and reduce the cost of enterprise.

Spices Making Machine Application:

The powder making machine can crush chili, pepper, black pepper, white pepper, green pepper, cinnamon, cumin, bandits, dahongpao pepper, cinnamon,nutmeg, cardamom, red yeast rice, red pepper, garlic, star anise, cloves, amomum tsaoko, geraniol, turmeric, ginger, fennel, anise, angelica and other material with high content of oil or tiber.

Spices Powder Making Machine

Spices Making Machine Video:

Learn more about YouTube’s spices making machine

Technical Parameter:
Model Main Structural Dimensions(mm) Capacity Input Particle Size Output Particle Size Speed Machine weight Total power
L1 L2 H1 H2 H3 H4 W1 Kg/H mm mesh rpm Kg KW
MR-350+20 5487 6810 859 2743 2862 650 1574 15-200 50 60-320 8600 1800 28.5
MR-450+30 6370 7991 1056 3472 3352 650 1783 50-600 50 60-320 6700 3600 61
MR-550+60 7288 9010 1096 3472 3652 800 2025 100-1000 50 60-320 5250 5300 106
MR-550+80 8410 10372 1096 3472 4015 800 2199 120-1500 50 60-320 4850 7500 145
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