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Stainless Steel Horizontal Ribbon Mixer

By: MILL 2023-07-17

Stainless steel horizontal ribbon mixer is suitable for chemical, food, medicine, feed and other industries. The working principle of the horizontal ribbon mixer is to use the ribbon to rotate at a high speed in the mixing container, to lift various materials from the bottom of the container along the ribbon shape, and to fully mix the materials during the rising process.

Stainless Steel Horizontal Ribbon Mixer

Advantages of horizontal ribbon mixer:

1. Good sealing performance, reasonable structure, uniform and efficient mixing.
2. The ribbon mixer has the characteristics of wear resistance, long life, easy cleaning and maintenance.
3. Manual or automatic discharge control, easy to operate.

Stainless Steel Horizontal Ribbon Mixer
4. Stable operation, low noise and few faults.
5. The stainless steel horizontal ribbon mixer can design different mixing curves according to the characteristics of different materials to meet the mixing requirements of different materials.

The horizontal ribbon mixer needs regular maintenance, and the vulnerable parts must be repaired and replaced in time. Electrical equipment should be checked regularly, especially motors and heaters, and should be replaced in time if any damage is found.

The electrical control box should be cleaned regularly, and the dust on the electrical components should be cleaned in time to prevent damage to the contacts of the contactor.

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